Medieval Swords

Medieval Swords - The Baselard

Baselard has been known as one of the most useful weapons in our ancestors’ kit during the medieval times. Various armoured troops have been noticed to be carrying them along. The main reason for the widespread usage and popularity of dagger was that it was the tool for self defence. As the tool was used on a large scale- it has got variations and types. There were 7 types of daggers. Among these one is the baselard. You can seek more information on baselard dagger at the following link:

This dagger existed in the 14th century. It displayed an I- shaped handle that was inspired from the knightly dagger in the 13th century. The extended blade is the highlighting feature of the baselard sword. Its origin instances have derived from Basel, Switzerland. This probably indicates the name given to the sword as –baselard. 

This was a beautiful art piece by the armour and weapons craftsmen in those times. Its usage served the dual purposes- to help in self defence and protection techniques and to add a sense of styling to the owner of the dagger. 

These daggers were very much popular in the Europe as the Swiss specialty. In modern times also people are often found enquiring about the “swiss special daggers” at various art shops. Baselard has been successfully able to evoke the interests of various art lovers and dagger owners in the modern times too. Therefore many sword shop owners proudly display the baselards in their shops to entice their buyers. 

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